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To investigate the origins of the Acheulean in Olduvai, the Olduvai Geochronology and Archaeology Project (OGAP) is reappraising the chrono-stratigraphy of  Bed II, and excavating fossil and stone tool sites in Olduvai Middle and Upper Bed II. These beds preserve a critical interval of time (1.79 - 1.15 million years) which evidences changes in fauna, stone tools and climate. These include the disappearance of Homo habilis, the emergence of Homo erectus, and the transition from primitive Oldowan stone tools to the first appearance of more advanced Acheulean handaxes. Exceptionally among African archaeological sites, Olduvai preserves many artefacts in primary or near-primary contexts, providing additional information on hominid behaviour. Most of recent research in Olduvai has focused in Bed I and Lower Bed II, so OGAP’s work on Middle and Upper Bed II represents research at the forefront of the transitional period between the Oldowan and the Acheulean

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The Olduvai Geochronology and Archaeology Project can be contacted at:


Dr Ignacio de la Torre

UCL Institute of Archaeology

31-34 Gordon Square



United Kingdom

Email: i.torre[at]ucl.ac.uk

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